RC2019 – Floormat and Testmaps

The floormat: The floormat which can be seen below, measures 150cm in width and 300cm in height. The mat can be downloaded through the following link, which cointans both a printer ready .pdf file, as well as an editable .svg file: Floormat

The floormat has a designated area for the sorting machines, which also functions as the loading zones for the transporter robots. The delivery areas (green, yellow, blue and red) are increasing in difficulty, regarding how to reach them:

  • Green: requires a robot which can continue straight at an intersection.
  • Yellow: requires a robot which in addition, can turn right at an intersection.
  • Blue: requires a robot which in addition, can turn left at an intersection.
  • Red: requires a robot which in addition, can perform a u-turn at an intersection.



The testmaps: The testmaps found below are intended usage directly on the table, while the pupils are prototyping. The testmaps enables the pupils to make the robot follow both straight and curved lines, as well as handling an intersections. The testmaps are designed in printer friendly sizes (A3), and can be downloaded as .pdf files, through the links provided below each of the associated images.

Testmap – Line (A3)

Testmap – Corner (A3)

Testmap – S-Curve (A3)

Testmap – Intersection (A3)

READ ME NOTE: The lines of the floormat as well as the testmaps, have a width of 3cm.